Focus Feature

Sometimes you need to “tell a story” in depth. Our focus features are an online format for publishing in depth vibrant and engaging articles.

In the content driven world it’s difficult to hold people’s online attention for more than the time it takes to read a social media post, so when you offer deeper content it needs to be delivered in a way that people are prepared to consume.

Focus features are beautifully formatted articles that are embedded with supporting virant graphics, informative videos and interactive charts to make the reading experience more immersive.

Hooked around a floating index which gives the reader ease of navigation to aread of interest within the article and makes it easier to leave and come back to the article just where you left off.

Whether its supporting a product launch, delcing deep inside a technology or enhancing an executive’s profile a focus feature is an exciting way to tell a detailed story.

we have the option to gate the feature allowing the reader to view the index and first section before entering their details to get full access to the whole article.

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