1. What tools do you use to report IT Financials and connect your technology spending to business outcomes?

2. Do you currently recover your IT costs from the business today?

3. How confident are you that your financial and operational data give accurate visibility into your technology spending?

4. How frequently do you forecast technology spending in your organisation?

5. How much of your technology spend is spent on run vs grow & change (including innovation)?

6. Which of the following cloud providers do you use today or plan to use in the next 12-24 months?

7. In the next 12-24 months, what’s your expected increase in public cloud spending?

8. How do you procure your public cloud resources?

9. What per cent of your public cloud spend is procured on-demand vs using reserved instances/savings plans, etc?

10. What challenges are you having in managing your cloud spend?

11. What is your organisation’s current IT operating model?

12. What practices and methodologies do you use with technology? (Multi-select: choose all answers that apply)

13. What are your top business priorities for the next 12 months?