Sustainability Matters: The Vast Majority of IT Professionals Show Genuine Concern

On a personal level, 91% of the IT professionals surveyed say they genuinely care about sustainability issues. In fact, 49% say that these issues are highly important to them, while 42% say they deem these issues fairly important.

These findings suggest IT professionals are keenly aware of the importance of sustainability, and it could be due to a variety of factors, like individual values and awareness levels. Whatever the motivation, it should be an encouraging sign that IT professionals deeply care about the environment on a personal level.


On the Road to Sustainability: Are Companies Embracing the Green Revolution?

IT professionals’ genuine concern for sustainability is evidently translating into their companies’ own approach to sustainable practices, as demonstrated by over 60% of the surveyed companies actively developing or already implementing comprehensive sustainability policies.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that a significant percentage of respondents still lack a defined strategy for sustainable computing, with around 35% of participants admitting to having no policy or strategy in place. This finding highlights the need for improvement within these organisations to strengthen their commitment to sustainability.


Beyond Lip Service: Companies Back Sustainability With Real Investment

As the saying goes, talk is cheap. Good intentions and statements about sustainability amount to nothing if budgets are not allocated to execute sustainability aims.

The survey revealed that a significant majority of respondents allocate funds specifically to invest in sustainable computing technology. Moreover, some companies are dedicating substantial amounts (between USD $500k to over USD $1 million), showcasing a serious commitment to the cause.

This financial dedication is crucial, as it implies that companies considering a budget for sustainable computing are likely to prioritise sustainability as a criterion across all technology investments.


The “Is Sustainability Driving Change in Asian Computing Practices?” report is available for download now.

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About the Survey

The World Economic Forum listed “climate action failure” as the top long-term threat to the world, and its consequences are likely to be severe in the coming years.

It is against this backdrop that AMD and AOPG Insights teamed up to conduct the “Is Sustainability Driving Change in Asian Computing Practices?” survey, which aims to understand how businesses in Asia prioritise sustainable computing initiatives that will go a long way towards reducing the potentially debilitating effects of climate change.

This survey engaged a diverse group of IT professionals from various companies across Asia and spanning a wide array of industries to paint a holistic picture of how businesses in Asia are approaching sustainable computing and how they plan to align technology with environmental consciousness in the future.

In this interactive image, we showcase some of the intriguing findings that emerged from this study.