First identified in 2019, secure access service edge, or SASE is an emerging concept in cybersecurity characterised by the convergence of WAN and a range of network security services. This explainer discussed more about this crucial convergence and how it can secure your network moving forward.

CSA’s Executive Briefing Note on Simplifying SASE : What Is Secure Access Service Edge and How Can It Help You?

BOT Management

Bots can be both useful and disruptive. Unfortunately, the bad bots far outnumber the good bots in the Worldwide Web. This is why organisations need effective bot management for effective cybersecurity.



This explainer tells you all you need to know about bots—good and bad—and how you can manage them.

5 Features to Look for When Choosing a Bot Management Solution


Trust no one, trust nothing is the overarching idea of Zero Trust, and it is the approach to cybersecurity that any business must implement. This explainer tells why this is the case.

From VPN to ZTNA and Beyond