REDUCE UNAUTHORISED ACCESS with strict access control capabilities, granular role-based access control, zero-trust principles model, multi-factor authentication and monitored modification.

PROTECT YOUR BACKUP DATA AND SYSTEM with native immutable backup snapshots, rules such as software-based Write Once, Read Many (WORM), data policy locks, FIPS-certified encryption and modern and flexible data isolation onsite and in public clouds.

STOP ENCROACHMENT BY SEEING AND DETECTING ATTACKS with built-in intelligence that allows your team to automatically discover and classify sensitive data and take advantage of near-real-time threat detection.

INTEGRATE YOUR DATA MANAGEMENT SOLUTION SEAMLESSLY WITH EXISTING SECURITY SYSTEMS to help you break down data silos and functional barriers and empower your organisation to detect, investigate and confidently respond to threats faster.

RAPIDLY RECOVER YOUR DATA AT SCALE with a next-gen solution that rapidly restores hundreds of VMs, large databases or large volumes of unstructured data instantly, at scale, to any point in time and location—but without snapshot help assessment to avoid reinfecting your environment with malware.


Cohesity’s Threat Defence Architecture include 3 key elements:

• Cohesity Data Govern: Automated sensitive data tagging and access anomaly detection

• Disaster Recovery as-a-Service: An AWS-based cloud recovery location for DR failover and failback.

• Cohesity FortKnox: An isolated cloud vault for immutable backup copies and ransomware recoverability testing.

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