Why Wi-Fi 6?

In this digital age, connectivity is king. This is the reason Wi-Fi 6 is so critical to businesses as it is both a differentiator and a transformation enabler. Find out more about the transformative power of Wi-Fi 6 in this blog.

Why You Need Wi-Fi 6 to Transform Your Business

Use Cases of Wi-Fi 6

Organisations around the world are already unlocking the potential of having Wi-Fi 6-powered connectivity that is strong, seamless, and ever-reliable. This blog explores how Wi-Fi 6 is making that possible: By helping businesses transform possibilities into realities.

Reliable Connectivity for All: Five Notable Use-Cases for Wi-Fi 6


Wi-Fi users don’t always stay in the same place. They move about, and when they do, they generally have to connect from one access point to another. Such scenarios necessitate seamless migration. Otherwise, connections will be disrupted with every change in location.


Lots of things can interfere with a Wi-Fi signal. Walls and floors, other Wi-Fi networks and appliances are among the things that cause interference that can lead to a bad user experience.

Network Security

An unsecure network—or one that does not follow best practices for network security—creates a vulnerable (read: Hackable) attack surface for criminal actors up to no good.


A network can easily get overcrowded by all the devices connected to it. When this happens, the quality of the Wi-Fi signal will deteriorate significantly, thus compromising the connections relying on said signal. The denser the network becomes, the more problematic the connection will be.


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What is Ruckus?

Ruckus by Commscope builds and delivers purpose-driven networks that perform in the tough environments of any and all industries. It empowers customers to deliver exceptional experiences to their guests, students, residents, citizens and employees who are counting on them for strong, seamless connections—wherever, whenever.