Shared Responsibility

If you use cloud, you should understand this concept. If you don’t understand the concept its time you did. In terms of M365 heres what sharing the responsibility means. Microsoft accept responsibility for the infrastructure they provide you. Microsoft DO NOT take responsibility for protection of YOUR data. It remains YOUR data and YOUR responsibility

Recycle Bin is NOT Backup

Microsoft do offer a recycle bin function which people mistake for backup. ITS NOT.It has very limited retention and lots of gaps in recoverability. If you are using this thinking you are protected, your are like an emu with its head in sand. Remember Microsoft do not suggest this feature is an alternative to backup and we refer you to point 1 again !

We are only human

It’s still the fact that in this digital age, the majority of data loss comes from human error. When we are dealing with Emails, Teams and Sharepoint, people can delete things, and whilst the recycle bin might help, what happens if you only find you need that document, file or message back a year later? Erm if you don’t have third party backup the answer to that one is – nothing happens, your data is gone !

Teams is Business Data

Increasing amounts of business data subject to legal retention laws is being created, shared and stored in Teams. Some of that data is also being “hard deleted”. I don’t think we can imagine a time when we would say its OK to not backup email, but how much of the business comms is now happening in teams, and how sure are you that your Teams is protected as much as your email?

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