Better Performance

Google Cloud outperformed the field in last year’s Cockroach Lab’s 2021 report. Earning in the process the distinction of Best Performing Cloud for 2021. It had the best single-core CPU performance and delivered the most throughput of all other providers, even beating its Big 3 brethren, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Google Cloud named best performing cloud for 2021

Speed of Innovation

Google Cloud is the only cloud provider running on a modern cloud infrastructure anchored on open source. This allows organisations to run every one of their workloads right where they need it, when they need it thanks to an encompassing global network that offers 3X the throughput of other cloud providers.


Google Cloud enables easy real-time collaboration through Google Workspace, which integrates a suite of communication and collaboration tools, including video calls, email, chat and document collaboration. Used by over three billion people worldwide, Google Workspace comes with a zero-trust approach and features enterprise-grade access management, data protection, encryption and endpoint protection.

Advance Security

Google is peerless when it comes to security, having kept more people safe online than their rivals thanks to its pioneering zero trust model strategy and a broad portfolio of security solutions. Organisations using Google Cloud get these same security mechanisms, ensuring best-in-class data and app protection against threats and fraudulent activities.

Data Cloud Leader

Google Cloud is unrivalled as a data cloud, unmatched when it comes to speed, scale and security because of its built-in artificial intelligence capabilities. This data cloud breaks down silos, allowing data to reach everyone in the organisation, who can then use Google Cloud’s data analytics capabilities to derive insights from data and use them for informed, data-driven decision-making.


Google Cloud accelerates digital transformation by democratising data, modernising app infrastructure, enabling collaboration and facilitating trustworthy transactions. This helps organisations leverage all the benefits of cloud computing to drive innovation faster and more effectively.

Cost Management

Being in the cloud is cost-effective to begin with because of the pay-for-use model. But Google Cloud takes cost savings a notch up through cost management features that enable organisations to gain complete visibility of their current and forecast trends, drive clear accountability across the organisation, control costs via strong financial governance and cloud cost optimisation.

Distributed Cloud Options

Google Cloud comes with the option of signing up for Google Distributed Cloud, a set of tools and services that enables you to effectively extend GCP’s public cloud services onto the edge, into your own private servers, IoT devices and other similar infrastructure. It is like having your own GCP in your infrastructure and devices, giving you a greater degree of control and autonomy to use the suite of services and tools any way you see fit.

Google Distributed Cloud


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