Pos Malaysia Keynote

Our perception of reality is changing. Are we, however, ready to accept it? Although the digital age has altered how people communicate, is this true for every organisation? Learn why and how POS Malaysia is adapting to the virtual age with technologies like drones, blockchain and the metaverse.

Fun Time

If you’re a fan of martini cocktails (or mocktails, for that matter), you won’t want to miss this session, where we’ll delve more into how technology is making huge waves and changing everything, even the art of cocktail making. Do you get to taste it virtually? Or actually experience those drinks physically? Tune in to find out.

Platinum Sponsor Keynote

If the metaverse is as big as the tech titans claim, it will be a boon for the cloud. Virtual environments take a lot of computation and storage resources, and it’s a safe bet that organisations would want to host the metaverse in the cloud, specifically the multi-cloud. Is that the case? You’ll find out in this session where an expert from VMware will tell you how you can conquer the metaverse in the era of multi-cloud.

Platinum Sponsor Keynote

Data is growing at an exponential rate. With the metaverse right in front of our eyes, we’re about to see it grow even more. But, more importantly, is it safe? How do they use our data? You’ll learn everything you need to know about data protection and security in this session, as a Veeam expert explains everything you need to know.

Opening Presentation

What is the metaverse? This online universe powered by 3D, virtual and augmented reality environments will continue to creep into our personal and professional lives. One thing is certain: your imagination is infinite when it comes to it. Watch this opening presentation to understand what Elevate is about and have a glimpse of the endless possibilities posed by the metaverse.