Who is Micro Focus?

Micro Focus’s APJ CTO and Business Development Lead for Cyber Security, Niel Pandya, kicks off the webinar titled “Accelerating Your Cloud-Native Applications Transformation,” highlighting Micro Focus’s position in the cybersecurity business and highlighting the key session that will be presented by Linus Lai, Chief Analyst, ANZ at IDC, and Manish Gupta, Micro Focus’s Business Development Manager.

DevSecOps is at the Heart of Innovation

“When we think about DevSecOps, we need to go to a higher level than DevSecOps. We need to think about innovation,” said Linus Lai, IDC’s Asia/Pacific Vice President for Software and Services. Linus discusses three key trends in this video: Transformation, cloud-native, and automation, all of which are driving innovation to help businesses meet the future.

Aligning Software Development Initiatives With Business Objectives

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into an organisation’s current processes, which radically alters all aspects of operations. And according to Manish Gupta, Business Development Manager at Micro Focus, scaling digital transformation is critical for businesses. In this video, he discusses the necessity of measuring how to align application software delivery initiatives with strategic business objectives.