The meat makes the burger.

The meat of your press announcements is the message you want to ensure your audience takes away.

This message is “your story” and its needs to be told in a way audiences consume information in the digital age.

An on360 Interactive PIX accompanying your press release will boil down the story and make sure your critical take-away messages are emblazoned and unmissable.



Relish adds flavour and heightens the senses when you take bite of a burger.

It’s the “secret sauce” that keeps people comingback for more”.


On 360 PIX allows you to add “digital relish” to your communications.


A picture tells a thousand words, an interactive picture with embedded video, infographics and explanatory text leaves a long-lasting deep impression, enticing people to find out more.





The world has moved on.

Plain old burger have been replaced by mouth watering artisan burgers


The same is true of your digital outreach. If you use the same old plain ingredients of a press release with a couple of pictures, then your messaging will come across as stale as the burger in this picture.


The digital world is full of artisan ingredients that you can add to your press communications and announcements




A great bun is the foundation of every great burger. Your digital messaging needs a strong foundation. Think of on360 PIX as a creative platform on which to build compelling messaging. We provide you with the platform and services to create interactive images with little to no fuss. You don’t need to be a technology whiz! With a few simple clicks, you can elevate the quality of your content.




Every great burger needs a great chef.


A great on360 PIX interactive image also needs someone to create and mix the ingredients.


You or your company may have those skills, in which case you can create the images and use our platform on a SaaS basis.


Alternatively, we can do everything for you copywriting, design even through to video production. The choice is yours!



OK, we couldn’t think of a great analogy for cheese, but a you need your press announcement to be “Gouda” anywhere (sorry).


Our On360 PIX images com with embed code.


This means you can encourage any online publications to insert the interactive image onto their site.


Give them content that increases the experience on their sites and increase the number of publications that pick up your announcements.


Great news. We can embed a form right into an On360 PIX interactive image.

So your press coverage can do more than make people aware

You can use it to gather details from potentially interested clients or customers.

Fill in the form below if YOU want to talk to US about Using Pix for your releases.