Endpoint Overload: Navigating Security in a World of Millions

Cloud computing, virtualisation, and mobility have redefined the endpoint, burdening IT with managing software and patches across hundreds of thousands of endpoints.

Security teams face escalating cyber threats in these expansive environments. Legacy tools falter beyond tens of thousands of endpoints, hampered by outdated design and sluggish performance. They delay critical patch deployments and struggle against advanced malware.

It’s time to upgrade tools incapable of meeting modern security and operational needs.


What Is Linear Chain Architecture?

Tanium’s patented Linear Chain Architecture facilitates direct communication between endpoints in a network, eliminating the need for centralised data transfer. This enables swift information sharing, real-time visibility, and efficient control and remediation.

By decentralising management intelligence onto individual endpoints via a lightweight agent, it transcends the limitations of hub-and-spoke architectures. This approach optimises data collection and distribution, leveraging LAN traffic speed while minimising inefficiencies.

With a Linear Chain Architecture, security and IT teams can confidently manage and secure endpoints across global networks with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Effortless Endpoint Management Across Millions of Endpoints

This Linear Chain Architecture enables you to SEE EVERYTHING, DO ANYTHING through an ASK-KNOW-ACT model. In other words, this kind of architecture lets you ASK a question in plain English to KNOW what is happening at your endpoints at all times, so you can ACT accordingly.

With this breakthrough architecture, secondary relay, database, or distribution servers are no

longer necessary at different bank branches, retail locations, or geographically dispersed corporate offices.

Additionally, Tanium’s Linear Chain Architecture:

• Is easy on your network.

• Ensures visibility and control in seconds over every endpoint.

• Allows you to discover endpoints without getting blocked by firewalls.

• Lets you leverage natural language queries.

• Enables response in seconds.

Tanium: A modern architecture for today’s IT challenges

Tanium is solving unsolvable problems one innovative solution at a time. It delivers the industry’s only true real-time cloud-based endpoint management and security offering. Tanium protects security-conscious organisations by providing the world’s first and leading Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform that is real-time, seamless, and autonomous, enabling those organisations to break down silos and reduce complexity, cost, and risk.

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