Exposure management enables your organisation to understand cyber risk so you can make more effective business decisions. Built on the foundations of risk-based vulnerability management, exposure management takes a broader view across your modern attack surface, applying both technical and business context to more precisely identify and more accurately communicate cyber risk, enabling better business decisions.

Assess the security technologies you have right now. Are they working together to give you comprehensive insights into your exposure? Or are they siloed?

Understand your visibility into your attack surface, from endpoints to the cloud. What can you see? What do you need to see?

Prioritise your efforts. What do you need to do first? How can you prioritise your remediation efforts in a predictive manner? Are you incorporating threat intelligence to understand the threat landscape? Are you able to analyse all of the various attack paths to reach your most critical assets?

Measure your remediation processes. How well are you doing at fixing the things you find right now? What do you need to do to improve those processes? Can you compare your efforts to others in your industry? Can you compare different aspects of your organisation to see where improvements are most needed?

Communicate and take action. Can you answer the question: “How secure are we?” How well can you communicate that status to both executive business management and your security organisation? How are you using data to guide resource decisions across the security organisation? Who owns the processes? Who takes responsibility?

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