Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG) is conducting a survey in collaboration with AMD to better understand how businesses in Asia are prioritising sustainable computing initiatives.
By participating, you will receive the consolidated survey write-up (publication will be after the survey has ended).
This survey write-up will furnish you with valuable insights into how sustainable computing is evolving across Asia.  You will also have the option to receive updates and news on advances in sustainable computing technology from AMD.
Your contribution will also help AMD to understand how they can provide thought leadership and advice to businesses looking to drive efficiencies through sustainable computing.
The survey will only take 3 minutes to complete, and your responses will be kept confidential.
Thank you in advance for your participation.


Please fill in the form below:
1. How would you categorise your company’s approach to sustainable computing? (Select one answer)


2. How important are sustainable computing issues to you personally? (Select one answer)


3. How important are sustainable computing issues to your company? (Select one answer)


4. What motivates your organisation to adopt sustainable computing initiatives? (Select all that apply)


5. Which of the following sustainable measures are implemented by your company? (Select all that apply)


6. What obstacles hold your organisation back from implementing sustainable computing technologies? (Select all that apply)


7. Do you expect to undertake any initiatives that could impact your sustainable computing footprint in the next 12 months? (Select all that apply)


8. Do you plan to implement any of the following solutions, which could improve power consumption, in the next 12 months? (Select all that apply)


9. What budget do you expect to allocate to sustainable computing purchases in the next 12 months? (Select one answer)


10. Does your company understand how the latest server CPUs can assist with physical server reduction? (Select one answer)


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