Our Digital Identities Are Under Attack Now More Than Ever Before

In a world where 90% of organizations have faced identity-related security incidents in the past year, robust identity security is not just a shield against threats; it’s a catalyst for business growth and trust. As we navigate an ever-evolving security landscape, the need for vigilance and innovation has never been greater.
Join us at Identity Day, a captivating roundtable series coming to a city near you, designed to inspire and enlighten today’s leaders about the transformative power of modern identity security. This event is crafted to ignite a passion for excellence in identity security among senior level business and technical professionals, framing identity as a key strategic asset rather than just a technical necessity.
At Identity Day you’ll learn:
   •  How the power of unification with the latest technologies can help you create a smarter, more resilient identity security program
   •  Valuable insights into effectively managing security risks posed by third-party contractors and temporary staff
   •  Strategies to consistently reduce your attack surface and enhance your overall security posture
   •  How an advanced identity security framework can be a key driver for business efficiency, trust, and growth
Seats are limited, so register now and save your spot in the definitive identity security event in Malaysia this year!


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