Our Digital Identities Are Under Attack Now More Than Ever Before

In a cybersecurity bill like the recent Malaysia Cyber Security Bill 2024, provisions related to identity security and governance could include requirements for organizations to implement robust IAM solutions to also include managing third-party risk.
Join us for an invite-only event that brings together a selected group of senior IT leaders from across industries for a topic-driven, executive dialog on current identity security trends, challenges, and priorities.
If you’re starting out on your identity security journey, or looking to get to a more mature state, you’re probably going to have lots of questions. We’ll discuss practical use cases for identity security including its role in mitigating cyber risk, building resilience, streamlining compliance processes, and improving IT efficiencies.
At Identity Day you’ll learn:
   • Benchmark your identity security against the 5 Horizons of Identity Security
   • Learn how to apply AI & ML in identity security to protect and secure access to data, apps, systems, and infra.
   • Examine how to manage employee and 3rd party risk using identity governance controls and more…
Seats are limited, so register now and save your spot in the definitive identity security event in Malaysia this year!


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