This intelligent assessment is specifically designed to help you determine how Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) can help
deliver the most benefit to your current IT setup.
Answer these simple questions and immediately get a custom detailed whitepaper that will highlight key areas where you can
improve your IT Infrastructure, emailed directly to you.

1.  How modern is your IT environment (i.e. is it flexible, adaptable, resilient and easily manageable)?

2.  Which OS does your company use in your production environment?

3.  What is the biggest IT-related challenge that your organisation is facing as it digitally transforms?

4.  Can you develop and deploy applications seamlessly, in a timely manner, and with minimal to no issues?

5.  Are you leveraging technology to maximise employee productivity, retain customers and save on IT costs or spending?

6.  Where are you on your cloud adoption journey?

7.  Are you currently using CentOS?