on 360° World Class Digital Engagement Platform

Delivered as managed Marketing as a Service (mMaaS). on360° is a collection of online platforms that enable you to CREATE compelling digital web based content that AMPLIFIES your messaging to INFORM your target audience.

Designed for you to tactically INTEGRATE into your strategic marketing plans, and capture leads and opt-ins so that you can EXPAND awareness, opportunities and revenue.

Unlimited tracking links

Allowing you to promote these assets & drive your own leads which will be separate from the leads you pay us to generate. Any leads generated from your unique tracking links will be uploaded to your aopgleadtracker but will not be counted towards the total of leads we have to generate for you from our own activities.

Digital Interest & Intent Data

We monitor & collect interaction data from across the AOPG news network & share that data in our aopgleadtracker.com portal. This will show you companies & personas who have engaged & read your content even if they did not become an Opt-Ins or lead. This will give you digital intent insight.

Awareness & Syndication

Across the AOPG Tech News Network. We will add popups & links in relevant articles across the AOPG News Network portals. These will drive traffic to your On360 asset & also help with awareness across our network readership

A Collection Interactive Web Platforms

Enabling Marketers To Find and Capture Prospects

Backed by Asia Online Publishing Group the regions leading tech news publisher and content creators. on360° provides a start to finish experience in digital content marketing.

Using on360° you can quickly build, publish and syndicate web projects such as training academies, digital showcases, full virtual exhibitions, vibrant download pages, and online assessments.

Today’s marketing challenge is about cutting through the online “noise” with targeted content so compelling that your prospects are prepared to swap their details in return for getting access. That’s exactly what on360° is designed to do. Capture leads and opt-ins via innovative platforms and great content.

We are unique in that in addition to providing the platform we can also create the content to populate these sites. Your target customers need compelling useful content that they can consume in a variety of ways – on360° is the answer.

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