on 360°

World Class Digital Engagement Platform

Delivered as managed Marketing as a Service (mMaaS). on360° is a collection of online platforms that enable you to CREATE compelling digital web based content that AMPLIFIES your messaging to INFORM your target audience.

Designed for you to tactically INTEGRATE into your strategic marketing plans, and capture leads and opt-ins so that you can EXPAND awareness, opportunities and revenue.

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A Collection Interactive Web Platforms

Enabling Marketers To Find and Capture Prospects

Backed by Asia Online Publishing Group the regions leading tech news publisher and content creators. on360° provides a start to finish experience in digital content marketing.

Using on360° you can quickly build, publish and syndicate web projects such as training academies, digital showcases, full virtual exhibitions, vibrant download pages, and online assessments.

Today’s marketing challenge is about cutting through the online “noise” with targeted content so compelling that your prospects are prepared to swap their details in return for getting access. That’s exactly what on360° is designed to do. Capture leads and opt-ins via innovative platforms and great content.

We are unique in that in addition to providing the platform we can also create the content to populate these sites. Your target customers need compelling useful content that they can consume in a variety of ways – on360° is the answer.


on360° academy enables us to build custom online training courses for you in rapid time.

New product launch? We can create a training course to coincide and educate your audience on new features.

Using our studio production facilities we can even produce, record and publish the training videos for you.

It gets better. We capture details of person who registers for the online course, keep track of what learning they have watched and what tests they have taken and passed.

Our online academies even keep an audit compliant log that for companies that need to prove their employees have attended annual training initiatives.

Building ad-hoc free to use training portals is a great way to entice, interact and inform your target audience. Perfect to accompany a new product release or to gain partner loyalty. 

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Virtual Exhibitions and Expos need to be just that. Trying to replicate the experience of an face to face expo is a wasted exercise. People don’t consume online experiences the way they do with live events. 

on360° approach to Virtual Events is to take the concept of an expo but build it in a way that makes it compelling for online consumption. 

Easy to navigate with simple but striking welcome lobbies, live presentation options, snappy well produced on demand presentations, exhibition area, event e-magazine, meet the experts area and download library.

Our virtual events capture where delegates go, give options for interaction but most importantly are built for fleeting but repeated visits. 

Best of all, delivered as mMaaS we can build your entire event in days.

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on360° digital showcases are the multi-media equivalent of what people used to call a ‘microsite’. Our showcases are designed for the content rich era.

Built to amplify a specific message, product or theme. Our showcases curate video, downloads, profiles and e-magazine in a a one page showcase site that can be updated as new content is generated.

Whether its collating a series of webinars into an enriched on demand site, or bringing together content to amplify an in the moment customer issue.

Track what viewers watch, and bring them back into your showcase when content gets updated.

We have even integrated Zoom so that you can run live “drop in” sessions at a moments notice.

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What if you could listen to your customers and then come back to them with advise delivered from one of your company’s subject matter experts?

on360° assessment builder enables you to make this happen online. We build an assessment made up of questions about your customers issues. We then work with your experts to create custom responses to every answer your prospect provides.

It’s compelling content that attracts high value prospects, gives them incredibly high value customised collateral and gives you deep insight into their current issues..

Best of all, we deliver on360° as mMaaS, which means our expert content creators will help you create the content to make a successful assessment site.

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Downloadable content remains one of the best ways to exchange valuable content for an online opt-in.

on360° download pages are vibrant and highly customisable. 

Build any number of questions into your form, add video or images to enrich the download experience.

Create a fully featured “success” pages with more content and follow up links.

Documents are emailed to your download visitors. Giving you another chance to customise the email content and continue the communication with your prospect.

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